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Without leverage, there will be no sale. Find and know your leverage before starting your approach.

Welcome to Growsales.Today. I want to talk about probably the most important and misunderstood thing in sales - leverage.

All deals are done with leverage. There is not a deal that is done without leverage. I challenge you to send me a deal that has ever been done without leverage


Meaning that it is never a 50/50 split in the deal, right.


Somebody always has more power.


Now that power might be money. That power might be resources. That power might be intellectual property. The power might be ideas.  It might be up at many things.


But you have to find your leverage. If you don't know your leverage then don't even start the sales process or the structure or the event because you will fail.


If you don't know your leverage why people have to pick you over the other person then you have a big problem.


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A lot of times people fail at sales simply because they don't make a commitment to doing sales.

Hey so great to have you at Growsales.Today.

I want to talk a bit about the difference between structure, process, and system when it comes to sales.

Right so for us when we train you we train you to create a structure something that is foundational. Something that will last you forever; not just for your job or the current business that you're doing, right.

And that's why I'm a big proponent of focusing on building a sales structure versus a process or system. Now the reason is when you get to into a process or a system those are both open to opinions, right.

Versus when you create a structure it's got to be solid for you. It has got to be the way that you're going to do it baseline from now till whenever, right.

Now, that structure could be as simple as I'm going to do sales,  right. It doesn't have to be that complicated, right. So you know a lot of times people fail at sales simply because they don't make a commitment to doing sales.

Now, when you're a business owner that structure become slightly different because you can't just focus on sales. If you just focus on sales everything else falls apart.

So that structure maybe, I'm going to focus on sales 25% of my out what time. That means 25% of my hours that I put in every week or every day are going to go towards some type of sales effort. And the other 75% is going to go to other items that I have to pay attention to.

I hope that helps. Between the three pick structure over a system or process because the other two are really really really open to opinion.


Thinking long-term helps people to avoid making desperate choices and generates prosperity.

Don't think short-term. Putting a bandaid on a broken leg isn't going to heal it.



Hi it's Roger Wilkerson with GrowSales.Today. One of the great advantages of approaching sales as a deal process versus a transactional process; is that the tactic you don't have to use tactics like cold calling; you don't have to figure out your sales mix. It is just a lifestyle. It is who you are and what you do for the client.

So by the fact that you're out there living a life that is attractive to potential buyers. Rather than being a desperate person on the phone trying to get money out of their pocket.

So make sure that you are living a life, looking for people that you want to do deals with, think long-term, think do I want to do business with this person for the next 5, 10. 15 year? It's the best way to think. It brings you the best customers!


You don't ever have to make another cold call again. GrowSales.Today can help you to break the addiction of cold calling.

Why do people think that what worked in the 1990's will grow a business in 2018 and beyond?


It's Roger Wilkerson, GrowSales.Today, as you know I am not a fan of cold calling. I think it's should be killed and we have a whole other site called 

But the good news is there are people out there cold calling  and you need to get help. We can help you. We can get you out of that lifestyle. It's a volume game but the volume is been decreased. So if you're in that situation please reach out to us. We can train you to bring in business without ever having to do another cold call again.

Growth will come from collectivist societies and that's why relationships are critical for sales.


Cold Calling is highly anti-social and damaging to building relationships.


Hey it's Roger Wilkerson with GrowSales.Today. I wanna talk a little bit about one of the main reasons that I am anti-cold calling.

So you know we talk about deals, we talk about relationships, and this is not to say cold calling doesn't work because it does in certain situations; but is a horribly antisocial tactic.

And let's say that you are the best damn cold caller in the world, right. Well that means that you're either working in the US, or the UK, or Canada, or Australia. All individualistic countries, right. Versus collectivist countries like Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.

So if you were the top of your game and you were the best of the best. You would still hit a wall in that wall. That wall  would be culture. Because in collectivist societies, you cannot make a living doing cold calls because all deals and sales by the way are done based on relationships. It is who you know, not what you do that makes a difference in those countries. And that's where the growth is. So you've got to start to learn that it's more about developing relationships that just closing a deal


It is so important to create a compensation where we set ourselves up to win.

Thinking like a business owner is a mental change that generates more revenues and less headaches.


This is Roger Wilkerson with GrowSales.Today. I  wanted to expand on the previous audio tip and how the compensation for a transactional type of relationship is limited.

Think of it as being an employee. Your compensation is limited to the amount of money that the company is comfortable with paying  you. Once you hit that point then there will be a conflict. Versus a relationship, where you're more like an owner, then your compensation is unlimited because it's totally based on your ability to deliver on the relationship; on a consistent basis.

Now the challenge for the person that is an employee is how to create a system inside of their company where they can think and act like an owner. And get it to the point where when the sales person is successful within the culture of that business that they i will not be looked at as a liability. Right. But they will be looked at as a person to do business with and bump you up to the next level.

So if you are that situation you should definitely reach out to us and we can definitely get you some training on how to take that approach if you're in employee.

If your business ever just remember stick with relationships compensation is unlimited and as a business owner you don't want to think like an employee because you're not



Transactional sales versus relationship sales. The mental trick is to focus on deals rather than transactions.

The process creates a flow of revenues to your business Relationships = Deals = Referrals


It's Roger Wilkerson, hey thank you so much for visiting GrowSales.Today. We're excited about this site at,It's to help you, out there, understand how to do sales that will grow your business not only today but tomorrow.

So this little tip this audio tip is gonna talk about the difference between transactions and relationships in sales. Now we encourage you to focus on deals versus just sales. Sales tend to be transactional. Meaning I might get the deal this week or this month, but I won't get another deal from that person a week or a month from now.

So go for the relationship especially in B2B because in the relationship deal what happens is that while it may take a little longer to build the trust and to really make sure that it's a match; Once that relationship is completed you can build off of that relationship by continuing to service that client.

Meaning they are more likely to order from you multiple times because they have the relationship with you versus a transactional type of relationship. So focus on relationships because not only do you get the order for today but you get future business. And most important you get referrals because if you're constantly delivering results they will refer other business to you

END OF AUDIO recently did a survey around the issue of Cold Calling. We wanted to find out if Consumers and Sales Professionals felt this was a positive sales tactic. We're aware that so many people who grew up in sales during last century utilized this tactic. We know that cold calling can produce results but is the strategy a growth market or one that is dying? We believe it to be the latter.

The survey found that 100% of consumers did not experience this as a positive sales tactic. That number surprised us, and would surprise us even if we added a liberal +/- 10% margin of error for the survey, as the lower bound number would still be 90%.

On the Sales Professional side the story was even more interesting: 69% believed that cold calling was not a positive sales tactic. That means 7 out of 10 sales professionals have an internal resistance to the tactic itself.

This makes sense to us. Many sales pros said things like, "I don't like cold calling as a consumer. Why would I like it as a sales person?"

Ygetarts sees cold calling - and, for that matter, cold emailing  - as an anti-social tactic. That's why we have a policy of never using it. We train people to build their business by using other powerful, socially accepted methods to grow sales today. All of our paid sales training is bespoke (build-to-fit). This is because Ygetarts does not believe that there is a one-size-fits-all sales training system.

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