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We now have two options for you when it comes to sales training. For those in need of a specific challenge use the hourly private video chat training service.

You can now get a 10% discount on our 3 - week private sales training service. This discount ends on April 15th.

Week #1 covers traditional sales

Week #2 explores internet driven sales

Week #3 pinpoints the challenges of social media selling strategies and techniques

We work with you to identify your biases and cultural challenges.

These two things are the keys to opening up more opportunities for you and your business.

Awareness of our biases help us to understand taking a rigid one size fits all approach has never worked.

Here are just a few of the common pitfalls.

Older generations who grew up in traditional sales models most likely did not make a change during the internet sales phase and that puts them at an extreme disadvantage with social media sales.

Younger generations may have not fully understood the advantages of traditional models. Understanding these styles can open high ticket opportunities that would otherwise be squandered.

Both generations find themselves with advantages and disadvantages during this new dynamic phase of social media selling.

Order your training now. You'll see an immediate benefit from the first phone call.

Week 1: Traditional

The training starts with foundational and traditional sales training. This module helps clients that grew up in this model to see their blind spots and biases. For the younger clients, understanding this opens the door to higher ticket negotiations.

Week 2: Online 

This training identifies the clients comfort level with online sales versus traditional and social media. Many younger clients will have started their careers in this model. They too will have blocks against traditional and social media styles. Older generations who successfully made the transition may have brought some baggage from traditional models that needs to be identified and shed.

Week 3: Social Media

Truth is this is the most recent change in sales and most people just need to learn this new style for current and future success.

Every week

  • 1 hour private video chat
  • A follow up task email to be finished prior to starting the next session
  • A personalize quiz on key concepts
  • Additional private video chats available at a 25% discount (if needed during the three weeks of training)
  • Email support for questions between video calls

At the end of the training

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual metric tracking tailored specifically to your product/sales
  • 25% discount on any future video chats. Discount ends 6 months after training is completed
  • An actionable sales and marketing strategy tailored to your product service