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Sales Myth #2

I sell solutions.


That is what you're telling yourself. That may even be what your companies sales training says. Problem is that it isn't true.

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We are either selling a product, a service, or a combination to the customer.

They're not buying a solution. They're making a choice to pick you over anyone else that was pitching against you.

In B2C people tend to be buying on a combination of emotion and price.

In B2B people tend to be buying in a crisis.

So, there's no solution involved.

This doesn't mean that you might not be solving a problem. There's a high probability that is exactly what you're doing. Yet, people are not buying that solution.

They're just picking whatever makes them look or feel the best.

I'm sure some of you might disagree with this myth. Feel free to put your theory in the comments. I'll respond to anyone of them in an effort to debunk your version of the myth.