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Sales Myth #3

Marketing & Sales are directly correlated.

Nope, they're indirectly correlated.


Most importantly they are both a bias on how people will look to solve a potential problem. Marketing people will have a marketing bias. Sales people will have a sales one. Both will be absolutely right from their perspective.

The problems get created when people fight to take credit for success and try to shift blame for a failure. It gets further compounded when a financial compensation or bonus is at stake. And of course, this leads to big problems because human nature will kick in and people will fight for themselves and not the overall health of a business.

Every here a salesperson say, "I'd really love to thank marketing for my sales bonus!" at an sales awards ceremony? Or a marketing person confess, "The sales team really took our idea to the next level!"

You get the point.

There is a relationship but it isn't a direct one. How do we know this to be a fact. If it was direct then it would be a constant - it simply is not. All of these scenarios are possible.

  1. Great sales and great marketing
  2. Great sales and average marketing
  3. Great sales and horrible marketing
  4. Average sales and great marketing
  5. Average sales and average marketing
  6. Average sales and horrible marketing
  7. Horrible sales and great marketing
  8. Horrible sales and average marketing
  9. Horrible sales and horrible marketing

Of those nine opportunities a direct correlation only happens 1/3 of the time. Those would be options #1, #5, and #9. This means 66% of the time sales and marketing are not in unison.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Comment away....