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Sales Myth #7

I lost the sale because of (insert excuse here).


There is no such thing as a loss of a sale.

We either get the sale or do not get the sale.

Psychologically this is extremely important - because it reminds us of the fact that so many sales trainers deny - we are not in charge of the sale - the buyer has that role.

Buyers buy when they're ready.

They buy on their timeframe and not ours.

So, you didn't lose the sale - the buyer didn't buy, today!

The excuse they give today doesn't matter and most likely isn't even real. Even more important to remember is the customer will have a higher probability of changing their mind again - if we give them the space to do just that.

Remember some people must make it their idea before they can purchase and that times time. Time away from you - especially if you're the person with the idea.

Remembering that buyers usually tend to buy under one of two significant mentalities will help a great deal.


What's the solution? Keep on moving to the next sale.

Some customers will naturally come back to you when their circumstances or mood changes.

Never underestimate the powers of "cognitive dissonance" and "confirmation bias" from the buyers point-of-view.

If we get stuck in the "why they didn't buy" then what will naturally happen to us is we'll try to find a way to fix it, control it, or get them to change their mind. We might even succeed.

Yet, most of the time when we come back with a counter offer that will put them in a situation where it is easier for them to double down on their perception — making it even harder for them to change their mind in the future.

Instead, if we focus that energy on new sales, we're more likely to close a deal.

Thoughts? Agreements? Disagreements?