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That there is a single process that works for everyone.


That is just simply not true.

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Yet, what do we constantly see in organizations of all shapes and sizes?  Structured sales systems designed around KPI's that limit rather than increase growth.

So, what happens in these systems?

Well, they work to the extent of their limits. People that can play within the game will succeed. Others will not survive.

Meaning if a superior sales person comes into the system they won't succeed. Why? Well, because they are not wired for this type of control.

What is the solution?

Well, that really depends on the company.

Certain companies absolutely need to contain their growth or they will go upside down. For those companies the above systems are critical to success. Where they can do a little better is to share this awareness with their employees.

I worked for one of the above companies once and negotiated the following deal. You tell me what number you need from me. I will hit that number. Once, I've hit the number you will continue to pay me but I no longer have to show up in the office.

At first they were sceptical, until I showed them the facts. They had budgeted x amount of dollars for me for the year. No matter what it wasn't going to be above that number.

They agreed to the deal. I hit the number in less than 90-days and got paid for 9 months without having to work for them. 

It was a win-win.

What are some of your stories of sales structures that don't work?