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Always be closing!


Let's be clear - it is not the 1980's!

I can say that because I grew up in this crazy age of cliche sales trainers. Many of which are still alive today. While catch phrases are funny they're not effective.

There's actually not one thing that we should always be doing. If we understand that the sales process is driven by the buyer, then these nonsensical manipulative quotes lose their power quite quickly.

Too many people confuse being aggressive with being assertive. They're quite different.

Don't ever rob the buyer of their process of getting to yes.

The process is quite normal from a buyer perspective for any product or service.

  1. Zero interest or awareness
  2. Awareness may create potential interest or confirm the zero.
  3. Potential interests either confirms the buyer back to zero interest or moves them into curiosity.
  4. Curiosity moves them into a potential buyer.
  5. Potential buyer then moves them into reality.
  6. Reality moves them into can they afford it?
  7. This issue of affordability moves them into an actively seeking buyer or sends them back to zero interest.
  8. Actively seeking buyers are the people that will ultimately purchase in a time-frame comfortable to their emotions and pocket book.

As you can see more important than closing is awareness of where they are in the cycle versus where you want them to be because you are in need of a commission.

Agree, disagree, thoughts in comments.