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Focusing on commissions and bonuses have value

This is going to upset quite a few people because I'm about to call some sales structures out - working commission only is crazy. Bonuses are mental tricks because it is real money that you should have gotten in the form of a salary.


There is never a good reason to take a sales commission only based job. Here are three key reasons why this entire structure is nonsense.

  • The structure is a giant red flag that the company is either underfunded or greedy
  • Why are you working to build their company without getting equity?
  • Most companies will not pay you if you actually deliver results!

Giant Red Flag & more details on the above three

Let's explore this fact. Sales is neither easy or hard. Sales is a task to some people and a skill to others. For a person that has a personality match to sales it will come easy. For those without certain traits it will be more challenging.

Guess what both groups fail and succeed.

There are millions of naturally talented sales people that fail everyday. That's why the get addicted to sales gurus that tell them what they want to hear.

There are millions of people that hate sells and outperform sales professionals.

If a company is offering you a commission only or commission + bonus structure - guess what - they don't have money. Well, they don't have enough money to pay you. So, if you are good and bring them in money then why are you giving them a giant chunk of those dollars? You could do the same skill and build your own business.

Now, let's say they're an established company. Maybe even public. They certainly have the money and are selling you on the idea that you're fortunate to be on their team - because so many others would kill to have your job.

That's a strategy to always keep you down or in the middle. While at the same time they take credit for your wins.

Either way - it is a bad deal.

Anyone knows sales is a process. Sometimes that process is instant and in most cases it is much longer than a day, week, month, or even a quarter.

Make sure you put yourself into a situation where you're fairly compensated for your efforts with a combination of salary and profit participation.

Here's what will happen if you stay and succeed. They will not pay you what they promised on paper. Why? Because they never believed anyone could accomplish it and you just hurt their head because you did.

They create these types of structures to control people. If you perform, then you're not controllable and you have to go - because your a threat.

Don't waste your time with goofballs. You don't get it back.

Thoughts? Agreement? Disagreement? Comment away.